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Designed mezuzahs, butchers for cutting and serving, home decor and accessories

Production of natural wood butchers that have undergone as much natural drying and processing. A variety of mezuzahs designed in any size, unique wooden furniture in traditional carpentry combined with modern methods.
Chic and style with a connection to nature.


Each item with us is unique and lovingly created according to the natural shape of the wood

Designed Mezuzahs

Designed Mezuzahs with a huge variety of colors and sizes

Our Works.

* Natural oil for treating solid wood butchers.
** Epoxy kit A / B hardener for home preparation - in order to purchase luxury epoxy pigments, please contact us.

Online purchase and fast delivery.

” … Epoxy makes us look at the tree from another angle, to see it at its best on the one hand, and on the other, it keeps the slice from future cracks, and future explosions caused by the expansion and contraction of the tree. “

David Guttman, wood artist and creator.

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בוצ'ר לבשר

חשיבותו של שמן מינרלי במטבח

רוב המטבחים מצוידים ב-בקבוקי שמן מינרליים טבעיים,  אבל בהצלחה במציאת שמן מינרלי מתאים ובטוח למזון. זה מצער, כי שמן מינרלים הכרחי בניקוי וחיטוי של מוצרים

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