Terms and conditions of use

  1. General
    1. The www.djwoodart.com website (hereinafter: “the website”) serves as an online store for the purchase of various products by Internet surfers in Israel through the web.
    2. The owner of the site and its operator is a Tzomi Ltd. whose offices are located in Ben Gurion 60, Kiryat Bialik (hereinafter: “the Operator”).
    3. The provisions of this Regulation shall apply to any use made by the user and/or operation on the website (hereinafter: “The client”) and any order made by the customer through the site. Therefore, the customer is asked to read this code in full and in a review and commit to his terms.
    4. Any action on the site, including the purchase of products offered for sale on the site, constitutes the client’s agreement to accept the provisions of these Bylaws and act according to them.
    5. The bylaws are worded in the masculine, for reasons of convenience only, but it refers to the two species. The bylaws are styled in a single language, for reasons of convenience only, but also refers to many tongues.
    6. The wording of the terms of use and determining is the wording of the articles published on the site.
    7. The client declares that he has read this regulation and is agreed upon, and that he or she will not have any claim and/or claim against the operator and/or anyone on his behalf, except for claims relating to the violation of a commitment by the operator and/or any person on its behalf according to this bylaws. It is emphasized that the fact that performing an action on the site constitutes an absolute, definitive and repeated message by the client that read the provisions of this bylaws, them and agreed to them.
    8. The operator reserves the right not to allow entry to the site and/or any action in which to violate the provisions of the terms and/or the use of the website or any content appearing there.
    9. The operator reserves the right to update and modify the site and its services, including its availability, and without the need for prior notice. The client will not have any claim and/or claim against the site and/or operator for these changes and/or faults that may occur during implementation.
    10. It is clarified for the avoidance of doubt that the use of the site may be modified by using a website tailored for tablet phones and/or mobile phone (mobile) and the use of the site on stationary and/or mobile computers.
    11. The terms of use will be read and interpreted as being held together with each other, and will apply incrementally, and in any case of contradiction and/or incompatibility between the content of the site and the content of the terms, prevail against the provisions of this bylaws unless explicitly stated otherwise.
    12. For further inquiries, please contact the customer service by phone: 072-3977-019 on Sunday to Thursday between 08:00 – 20:00 or via e-mail dj.woodart.shop@gmail.com
  2. The use of the site
    1. Use of the site is intended for private and personal purposes only. The information contained in the site is reported in good faith, but the operator is not responsible for its willingness and/or diopline, and is not a substitute for professional advice.
    2. You should not copy, publicly display, or use the content published on the site for any purpose, commercial or otherwise, which is not personal and private use. In this rule, you should not copy, publicly display, or use the content from the site on other websites, electronic publications of any kind, in software, applications, and computer applications, telephony and cellular communications, radio, television, print, or other media.
    3. It is not possible to enable or enable any computer application or other means, which enables copying, full or partial, of information and content from the site. In this rule, it is not to be created or used as aforesaid to create a compilation, collection or repository that will contain content from the site. Despite the general instruction below, this prohibition does not apply to the action of general search engines that directly link to the site.
    4. Content from the site should not be displayed in any way – including any software, device, accessory, or communication protocol — that change their design or functioning or are denied any features or information, such as (but not only) advertisements, navigation bars, photographs and more.
    5. The client is entitled to use the site, to download content from it, and to keep it private. Commercial use of information contained in the site is strictly forbidden.
    6. The user undertakes to use the site according to the terms of any law. Among other things, it is not to be harmed by another user and/or to use the website and/or our content to harm the good name of a person and/or corporation and/or to advertise the words of libel, incitement, deception, fraud, and/or any other information that is false and/or unreliable and/or aims to intentionally harm another and/or illegal content and/or such constitutes a criminal offense or civil wrongdoing.
    7. Unauthorized use of the site may be used as a basis for a torts lawsuit and/or constitute a criminal offense.
  3. Site content
    1. The company does everything in its power to ensure that the information appearing on the site is correct and accurate, but there may be mistakes, and the responsibility for testing the content is solely on the user. It may be clarified that the source of information is from third parties, importers and/or manufacturers and/or suppliers, and the company has no responsibility for the content presented.
    2. The company will not be liable for any inaccuracies, errors, and super mistakes in relation to the content. The company makes it clear that the content appearing on the site is for general purposes only and is brought as a service to the user. The content is not in place of receiving professional and/or medical counseling and/or legal and/or economic. The content does not express a position in relation to the product and does not constitute a recommendation regarding the product offered on the site.
    3. Accordingly, all the customer’s reliance on the aforementioned on the site is done at its discretion, and at its sole responsibility. The client is offered to perform the required tests in relation to the products and regarding information appearing on the site before the invitation, and will not hear any claim regarding such reliance.
    4. Links (LINK) or advertisements that appear on the site are not operated by the company and supplied by an external body and provided as a service to the customer, and for the convenience only. The company does not monitor those links, is not responsible for their content and/or their integrity and/or the durability of the law. Any use of the links is solely for the responsibility of the user.
  4. Identity of the purchasers on the site
    1. The people listed below, and they are only allowed to purchase through the site, unless the company has specifically announced it. The conditions that apply below are cumulative rather than exchanges:
      1. A valid Israeli credit card holders.
      2. Owners of an assault e-mail address.
      3. Media owners in Israel (landline or mobile phone)
    2. The company will be entitled to make the purchase and/or the use of the website or partly, registration or payment, approval of these bylaws and/or other conditions, at its discretion and will not have any claim or claim for its demands.
    3. The company may prevent certain users from accessing the site and/or making purchases on the site and/or closing their account on the site, due to improper acts, unlawful uses, non-compliance with the terms of the terms or conditions, limitation of credit card, improper use, improper use, injury to the site and/or the company or its name. This right will be present to the company at any time and will be non-existent. The company will not required to inform the user that their approach will be prevented as aforesaid.
    4. The age limit of 18 + the user’s responsibility, low ages from which interested in purchasing the site will be under the guardians of parents/the site in the acquisition status of the website for control.
  5. On-site Booking
    1. The site presents a wide range of items in stock and the operator makes every effort to maintain the existing inventory. A product will not be in stock after the order has been received, you will notify the customer. The client will not be charged for these products and will return any amount paid for as paid by credit card credit and the customer shall have no demand and/or claim for products not provided. The site may offer various products and/or services that exist in the company’s branches and/or in the stores belonging to it and will not be able to demand or purchase the company’s branches based on the information and prices appearing on the site.
    2. All prices, products, promotions, discounts and coupons appearing on the site are valid for booking on site only. Any discount or operation is on the basis of the normal price appearing on the site only and not in relation to the market price of the product. The price shown is valid for booking only, and the operator reserves the right to change the price of the site without prior notice to the customer according to supplier costs, tax imposition, exchange rates, or in accordance with the operator’s pricing policy.
    3. All rates include a legal VAT.
    4. The payment on the site will be made through a credit card only, by the cardholder only, and the provision of the details in the system is evidence of the use of the cardholder, and the card gives a claim and/or claim to the company as to the non-privileged usage of the system, due to the entry of its details. The aforementioned is not to contradict another cogenetic law that applies to debit cards. Our distinguished credit cards are: Isracard, MasterCard, Diners, American Express, PayPal. It is not possible to purchase on the site through checks, buy notes, gift cards, coupons, coupons and credits, except for credits that can only be implemented on the site explicitly.
    5. When making an order on the site, you will perform a check of the credit card details and the booking confirmation by credit card companies, an appropriate message will be given that the operation has been approved or rejected. As approved, the order will be recorded on the computers that the operator will send to the customer to receive an e-mail confirmation of the operation. It is clarified and emphasized that only confirmation of making an order received in the customer’s e-mail including the relevant order details, including the booking number, details of the customer, and the details of the order, will be confirmed for the receipt of the order by the operator. As long as no authorization has been received from the credit card company, and no confirmation is sent, the customer will not be valid for the order.
    6. Typing false personal information is a criminal offence and is prohibited and violates all of this bylaws for all that is implied, the company will be entitled to initiate criminal and civil proceedings for this offence and for its violation, including due to the disruption of the sales process and/or supply.
    7. A request to change credit card details or the billing manner is subject to its approval by the company only and at its sole discretion. Please note that this request will be charged by the customer for an additional fee by the credit card company and/or the loss of the customer’s right to an operation and/or assumption that would have occurred during invitation and did not apply when the details were changed. It should be noted if the product ordered by a cheaper price, for any reason, the customer will not be entitled to receive the discounted price and the price charged will be the price at the original order and/or price when changing the details, according to the highest among them.
    8. Please note that the operator will make any reasonable effort to ensure that bookings and additional operations on the site will be made through a secure link. The operator is not responsible for the existence of a secure web link and the non-operator will not be responsible for any loss and/or damage incurred to the customer if the third party receives unauthorized access to information provided by a non-secure link.
    9. The data processing of the operator on the actions taken through the site will constitute an apparent evidence of the correctness of the actions.
    10. The order was not approved by the credit card company, sent to the customer an appropriate message, and the order would be deemed to be cancelled, and the operator would not be responsible for cancellation of the order, and the customer would not have any claim and/or claim against the operator for canceling the order as stipulated.
    11. Product order by customer will be considered a proposal to purchase the product subject to these terms. Making an order means agreeing to the terms of use. An order receipt via e-mail will not be considered the capacity of the proposal; However, the drilling will begin when the product is shipped.
    12. If you do not accept the invitation for any reason, please inform the customer that the date of the booking is made and the date as stipulated above. The operator will notify the customer for any change in the price of a product that took place after the booking has been made and will not charge the customer according to the updated price until the customer is re-invited.
    13. A product order is subject to the existing inventory at the time of booking.
    14. The photos appearing on the website are for illustrative purposes only. Next to each product is a technical specification and requires it. In any case of contradiction between the appearing in the image and the technical specification, the aforesaid will increase in technical specifications and only requires the company.
    15. The operator may terminate the site’s activities and/or the booking mechanism at any time.
  6. Agreement to receive advertisement
    1. As the customer approves (or approves) receiving information, updates and any advertisement as defined in section 30 A of the Communications Law (Bezeq and broadcasts), 1982 via e-mail, the client will be entitled to withdraw from this consent at any time and inform the operator of the refusal to receive advertisement according to the directives of the advertisement sent to it.
    2. It is clarified that the operator and/or third parties may publish links on the website of the operator to sites and/or other sources of information; These are brought to the convenience of the customer and their appearance on the operator’s website will not constitute a certificate that operates on their program. The operator will not be responsible for these website content and/or any damage to the customer due to its use of these sites. The customer’s entry to a third-party web site is solely his responsibility.
  7. Supplying and transporting products
    1. The customer may choose the cost supply and freight options as detailed on the booking site. It is clarified that the delivery cannot be changed after the order is completed.
    2. The operator undertakes to provide only a product that is fully paid by a credit card as described in section 4 above.
    3. The delivery time will be in accordance with the specified time of receipt.
    4. Supply and transportation will be made by Israel postal and/or private delivery company, in accordance with customer requirements and/or service requested and/or purchased product. Self-collection of purchased product can be obtained from the workshop in southern Safed, only after receiving confirmation by email or by phone.
    5. The operator will not be responsible for delays that are not in its control and/or originating from the client, including but not only a delay for difficulty in contacting the client during the hours of coordination. Such inhibition shall not be considered as a violation of the operator’s obligation to supply the product. Products provided by Israeli mail will be sent in accordance with the time of delivery and subject to the quality and conditions of service accepted by the Israeli postal office.
    6. A client who will not answer the day of the invitation to the delivery company to coordinate the order and/or will not be at the shipping address at the time that the invitation is returned to warehouses that operates and a message is sent to the customer in accordance with the contact details provided upon booking. It is clarified for the avoidance of doubt that this situation will not win the customer in return for the shipping fee paid by him, as stipulated in section 6.2 above. The customer may collect the product from the company’s warehouses, if it is written in writing, and as the client does not have another errand to be delivered by him. As it is not delivered to a new address and/or approved by the former, the product will remain in the company’s warehouses for 7 business days, and then the company is entitled to cancel the transaction and to charge the customer with the shipping cost as stipulated in the head of this section in addition to the cancellation fee of the transaction as stipulated in section 7.2 below.
    7. Delivery of products by shipment purchased on the site will be allowed in only certain delivery areas as defined by the operator and at its discretion. It should be noted that notwithstanding the aforementioned, the operator will be entitled to change the shipping areas according to its discretion and without prior notice. Without derogating from the aforementioned, the operator will be entitled to refuse to supply products by sending to the address in the area of shipping areas when the region is restricted from security and/or technically and/or requires special actions to supply the shipment to the same area and/or any danger emissary and/or any other reason, all at the operator’s sole discretion.
    8. When supplying the product, the operator and/or anyone on its behalf must require the presence of the credit card holder when delivering the products and/or presenting the credit card holder’s identification as a condition for delivery of the products.
  8. Cancel order, returns, and swap
    1. Cancellation policy will be subject to the Consumer Protection Law, 1981 (hereinafter: “Consumer Protection Law”), and there is no provisions in this chapter to detract from it. The purchase order of a product can be cancelled according to the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law, 1981 and its validity.
    2. Without harming the provisions of the law, a product raised on 50 NIS (excluding shipping) will be canceled from the day of booking and up to 14 days from the date of receipt of the product in effect or from the time of receipt of the booking confirmation – according to article 14 G (b) of the law. Canceling an order will be done via e-mail dj.woodart.shop@gmail.com or by phone 072-3977019, by delivering the customer’s full name, customer ID, the source invoice number. If you cancel an order according to these rules, the customer will only be charged a cancellation fee in a lesson not exceeding 5 of the price of the product or NIS 100, according to the low if the law is specified in a higher sum, which is stated in the law.
    3. The more the product is clothing and/or jewelry, the cancellation right is only if the price of the product exceeds NIS 50 (clothing) or below 3,000 nis (jewelry), and it is only within 2 business days from the date of receipt of the product in effect or from the date of receipt of the booking confirmation, on the latest, provided that the product was not used and/or the label on which it was not removed
    4. There will be no cancellation right for the product in which there is no cancellation right to the customer by law, including furniture assembled at the client’s home, furniture which was commissioned according to the requirements and/or special measurements of the customer, food products or medicines or supplements, lingerie, products paid by buying characters, gift vouchers or a loaded magnetic card.
    5. Acquittal will only be made against the return of the product in practice and only subject to the testing of its integrity (integrity, non-use, failure to open the packaging), stipulated in the law, within 14 business days from the return of the product and/or the cancellation notice, by the latest. The product returned will receive the customer as stipulated only if returned in its original packaging and with no damage or corruption and subject to the provisions of the law. Shipping and/or freight and/or installation fees will not be refunded in any case of cancellation and/or return of a product.
    6. In the event of returning a product to replace it with another product, the customer will be responsible for shipping costs both in return and the receipt of the product has been replaced.
    7. The company will be entitled to cancel the order performed by the customer, in one of the cases listed below:
      1. A mistake in good faith in one of the terms of the product, including the price of the product and/or its description.
      2. Failure to disable or malfunction on the site due to “force majeure” and/or due to a case of substantive malfunction in the computer system, telephone system, or other communications systems that serve the company, and/or any other case in which it will be delayed, prevent or make any parties and/or events that are not under the company’s control of the proper operation of the site or the supply of products.
      3. Failure to fill the client’s commitments, including, the lack of repayment, the cancellation of the transaction and/or its failure to be approved by the credit card company, is delivering incorrect details.
  9. Information security, confidentiality and privacy
    1. The client declares and agrees that the submission of personal details in the order form is done according to his will and consent, and the submission of the details attests to their consent.
    2. The data provided by the client will be saved in the operator’s information store (excluding credit card details). It is hereby clarified to the client that it is not required by law to disclose the information, but not to its authorities, it may not be able to use the booking services on the site. The information will be used by the company for direct mailing and contact with the customer, customer service, customer club, sales management, marketing and customer recruitment.
    3. When you use the site, you may find information about the practices and purchase habits of the customer, even if it is not registered, products and services that have been purchased or asked to return, information about advertisements that have expressed interest, pages, or classes in which they have been watched, proposals, and services that interest it, a tender that has been used and more. The operator will save the information in the Mamageria (excluding credit card details). The use of this data, as well as the data that will be provided during the registration process for the various services on the site, will be done only according to the aforementioned in this document or in accordance with any law. The operator will use the above data for analysis and anonymous statistical segmentation, as well as to produce any user who matches the content (deals/coupons/messages) that are relevant to it.
    4. The site uses cookies (hereinafter “Cookies” and/or “cookies”) for the operate that is ongoing and proper, including to collect statistics about using the site, to validate details, to tailor the site to user’s personal preferences, to make it easier for users to characterize the site, to tailor the products that are appropriate for it, to fit the surfer’s respective advertisements, even in its web sites, for statistical, research and commercial purposes, and, of course, information security needs.
    5. Cookies are text files, which the user’s browser creates by command from the company computers. Some cookies will expire when you close the browser and others are kept on the hard drive on your computer. The cookies contain a variety of information such as the pages you have visited, the length of time you have spent on the site, where you came from, the sections and information the user wants to see when you log on to the site and more. In addition, the cookies may also keep track of the surfer’s surfing habits at other sites, including the sites in which they have overflowed, the pages on the sites and any other action in them. The information in cookies is encrypted, and the company takes precautions to ensure that only the company’s computers can read and understand the information stored in them. You can avoid this by changing the settings in your browser. To do this please consult your browser’s help file. Remember, however, that disabling cookies may cause you to not be able to use some of the services and features on the site.
    6. The site uses the Google Analytics tool, which is a service for analyzing Internet data offered and provided by Google INC. (Hereinafter “the Analysis Service” and “Google”, respectively). The analysis service uses Cookies, which are text files that are stored on your computer to analyze the user’s activity on the site. The information collected and saved by the Cookie about your use will be transferred to Google and held on its fields. /Or alternatively, as relevant: the information collected and saved by the Cookie about your use of the site (including, the IP address in its short form – in light of the company’s use of the analysis service with the extension “_anonymizeIp”, which is intended to prevent detection and tracking), will be forwarded to Google or any other company that provides these services and will be held on its fields.
    7. Google will use the information collected, inter alia, for the following uses: Evaluating your use of the site, producing activity reports on the site, providing various services related to the activity on the site and on the Internet and more. Google may transfer the information to a third party if you are required to do so by law and/or to process the information by using a third party that will operate on behalf of Google. Please note that Google will not associate your IP address with any other data stored in its hands. More information about the use of information by Google can be found in the following link: www.google.com/policies/privacy/partners.
    8. The site uses re-marketing with the analysis service for online publishing, which will display ads on websites by third party or Google. To perform the aforementioned action, the site, the third party, and Google use cookies to efficiently adapt different ads in accordance with previous visits to the site.
    9. As stated above, you can prevent Cookies from being saved by changing the browser settings you use, but because of this, you may not be able to make full use of the various possible features on the site. In addition, you can also prevent the transfer or processing of information (found in Cookies) by Google, about your use of the site, by canceling the Opt-out. To do this, you need to download and install the Add-in (Google Analytics Opt-out) that is available in the following link: tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout.
    10. You can also disable and/or manage the ads presented to you by defining your ads in the following link: www.google.com/settings/ads.
    11. By using the site, you agree to perform the analysis and advertising service, as described above, via Google.
    12. The operator will not transfer to third parties, which are not related companies of the operator or its entities, their personal details and the information collected on the client’s activity on the website (as far as details and information are personally identifiable), but in the following cases:
      1. If you violate the terms of use of the site, or by using the site, or in connection with it, actions that are being prosecuted or attempted to carry out such actions.
      2. As part of business collaboration.
      3. In accordance with the directives of a judicial order that instructs the operator to provide information about the customer to a third party, even though it is not the court.
      4. Any dispute, claim, claim, demand or legal proceedings, as they arise, between the client and the operator (including related bodies and/or those on its behalf).
      5. In the event that the operator of the information delivery is necessary to prevent serious damage to the body or property of the client.
    13. The operator will be entitled to provide customer information to the credit company required to confirm the booking transaction as stipulated.

Information security

  1. The company does everything in its power to protect the confidentiality of the data provided by the site’s users and customers, while taking common precautions and using advanced security technologies. It is known to the user that the company devotes resources and takes stringent measures to prevent entry into the site and to prevent possible damage to the user’s privacy, but it cannot avoid the site’s disruptions completely.
  2. The company will use protection and encryption, which are used in the field of electronic commerce in Israel to deliver online information, and according to the required law. The aforementioned protection measures are designed to secure the flow of encrypted information between the user’s computer at the time of the purchase and the site and company servers.
  3. The company does everything in its power and uses advanced technological and organizational security measures to secure the site, communication through it, and the information contained in its control, against accidental or deliberate exploitation, loss, destruction or against access by unauthorized or authorized persons. The connection between the user’s computer or site visitor and the company’s computers is secured by conventional encryption methods, depending on the standards that are in use. In addition, the company takes reasonable measures to protect the site and the components of operate and software that are related to the website, and it is continually updated to protect the site and its contents from intrusion, loopholes or unauthorized taps.
  4. Thus, the company regularly updates the technological developments in the fields of software and hardware to provide site users and customers with the best protection against intrusion or hacking, including unauthorized entry into its databases. However, the company clarifies that in cases which are not under its control and/or arising from a higher being, it does not undertake, that the site will be set up, without any interference, and/or the site and/or data collected and/or submitted as aforesaid shall be completely immune to unauthorized access and/or intrusion to the company’s databases and that the user who is not liable for any damage and/or loss, direct or indirect, of any kind, resulting, including due to injury to privacy.
  5. The issue of using and clearing the credit cards from the website is encrypted and secured through an external credit clearing company, which uses the latest encryption methods and the encryption mechanisms that are in accordance with international standards, but the responsibility for this is solely for the external service provider.
  6. Contact privacy – According to the Privacy Protection Law, 1981, you, or anyone on your behalf, may review information about you that is in the company’s database and even ask the company to correct this information if it is not correct, complete or accurate. In order to realize this right, you must send a written request to the company through the “Contact Us” page on the site or alternatively you can contact one of the contact details listed in this bylaws. All correspondence to the company must include your full details, including email address and contact. The company would try to respond to any reasonable request in a reasonable time.
  7. Responsibility and indemnification
    1. The operator will not be liable for any claim, loss, or damage caused from (a) the client’s use or inability to use the website; (B) The services provided (except in those cases in which it explicitly stated that the operator is responsible for this) or any service or goods provided by the operator; (C) unauthorized use or changes in the transfer of information by the customer; (D) declarations or conduct of third parties.
    2. All that appears on the site, including commercial proposals and/or advertising of third parties (hereinafter: “The Information”), regarding the various products, and in general, is only general information. The information should not be seen in any way and/or responsibility for the manner of activity of the products. The operator will not be responsible for any direct or indirect damage, resulting from reliance on the information and/or links to other sites and/or any other internal/external information source.
    3. The operator will not be responsible for the problems incurred as a result of the use of the site, including: Operating system malfunctions and/or any software found on the electronic device from which the entry was accessed and/or any problems and/or viruses and/or hostile software or any other software that is discovered or located on the an e-mail from which the site has been entered as a result of using the site and/or any problem of communication or data transfer that is temporarily prevented or determined by the use of the site and/or the quality or speed of use of the site.
    4. In any case, a warranty that operates in connection with this bylaws and/or terms of use will not exceed the total product value that was ordered by the customer or a total of 1,500 NIS, according to the low, and the operator will not be liable for any loss of profit, business, business reputation, information, or any other damage between directly or indirectly, whether due to negligence that operates or not.
    5. The client confirms that:
      1. Its use of the website is solely for its sole responsibility;
      2. The operator does not guarantee that (a) the site and/or the information contained in it and/or the services offered meet the client’s needs; (B) The client’s approach and use of the site shall be without blemish or error; (C) Any mistake will be corrected. The operator will not bear any responsibility or cost of repair or service that will exceed the use of the site;
      3. There will be no information and/or recommendation from the site a commitment not to be interpreted in this bylaws. The information and/or recommendations appearing on the website are not a substitute for professional medical advice, and will not be responsible for any liability between whether contractual or legal or criminal to harm to the client in connection with the client’s reliance on the information on the site as a substitute for professional advice in any matter.
    6. The client has dismissed the operator of any liability for the improper use of the website or its disclaimer of these bylaws, including any claim or claim that will be brought against the client. The operator will notify the customer of a claim or claim that will be brought against her as stipulated and will assist the client in the solution of the prosecution, provided that the client will be responsible for the expenses of the law that will be charged the operator.
    7. You will not carry the operator in charge of any damage to the computer and/or virus that will cause incorrect use of the site.
  8. Product Warranty
    1. The operator sells products that are created by certain vendors who are not party to this agreement and are not represented by the operator. Accordingly, the operator is not subject to the quality of the products, their properties, and the names of the manufacturers. The warranty will only be given according to the provisions of the technical specification or the warranty certificate attached to the products provided by the manufacturer and subject to the completion of the customer’s obligations, as stipulated in the warranty, and only if added.
    2. There may sometimes be differences between the photographs of the products published on the site and the exact tones of the products as they are actually provided. The products on the site are presented in the good faith and responsibility of the operator, and they are not displayed on the website for any recommendation and/or the opinion of the operator on the nature of the products, their properties, their characteristics, the names of the manufacturers, etc. If an operation has acquired a faulty product, it is entitled to overwrite or return it or cancel it and receive its money back, as described in this bylaws.
  9. Intellectual Property
    1. All copyrights and intellectual property rights on the site, including any design or content contained in it, are of the operator only, or of a third party, which has let the operator use them. This includes, including the content of the site, the texts on the site, the design of the site, including any information of any kind and type, in all the literal content, visual, Sonic, or audiovisual (audio-visual), including text, picture, sound, video, any media and any end device, that exist today and/or will be present in the future and/or any combination of them including articles, articles, news, reviews, data, files, maps, tips, analysis, recommendations, guidelines, assessments and any other information and/or content in any format, as well as their design, processing, editing, distributing and presentation, including (but not only): Every picture, sketch, design, photo, illustration, animation (animation), chart, character, simulation, sample (sample), clip, voice file, and musical file; Any software, file, computer code, application, format, protocol, data store and interface and any character, symbol, symbol and icon (icon), name of the compound (“Domain”), patents, trademarks, trade names, designs, copyrights, trade secrets, reputation, ‘ Know how ‘, methods, source code and binary code, trademarks, computer software, concepts, confidential information, service marks, databases, derivative works, discoveries, formulas, reputation, ideas, enhancements, samples, information, innovations, inventions, knowledge, logos, market data, methods, ethical rights, literary works, graphic file, technical information, (hereinafter “content” or “contents”). Do not copy, distribute, publicly display, make public, transfer to the public, modify, process, create derivative works, sell or rent any part of the above, between directly or indirectly, through a third party, or in any way or means whether electronic, mechanical, optical, photographic or recording, and so on, without obtaining written consent from the operator or other rights holders, according to the matter and subject to the terms of agreement (as given). This provision is also valid in relation to any processing, editing or translation made by the operator.
    2. Sending or publishing any material by the customer on the operator’s website and/or its Facebook site constitutes the client’s consent to publish the material without any other message to the client and without the client being deemed to have the intellectual property right.
    3. The address of the website, an icon that operates and its names are the spiritual property of the operator.
  1. Law and jurisdiction
  2. This Regulation shall apply solely to the laws of the State of Israel and any action concerning this bylaws and the terms of use will be heard only in the courts in Israel.